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Secher Seat Protector

Now you can bring your furkids everywhere without worrying about damaging your car seat! If you're one to give your furkids car rides, you need the Secher for its convenience and a peace of mind.

Seconds To Set Up- Just press the seat anchors into place and clip the snap buckles onto your headrests. It's just as easy to remove and fold away.

Scratchproof- Protects your car seats from your excited pup's irreversible scratch marks.

Waterproof- This ensures that rain or any puddle your dog steps on doesn't soak into your seats.

Easy To Clean- You can opt to clean your Secher with a wet towel, a vacuum, machine wash, or just hose it down- quick and easy.

  • Fits All Vehicles
  • Non-slip Design
  • 57.9 x 53.9" / 147 x 137cm
  • 600D Durable High Density Oxford Top